We want you to feel like home!

HOTELS BODEN B & B is a genuine and nice hotel in a quiet area of Boden. Large, nice rooms with plenty of space and very comfortable sleeping comfort. From us it's close to shops , restaurants , bus stop and the center with shopping, cinema, restaurants, NordPoolen bath and other entertainment .

People enjoy staying with us whether they are traveling for business, with the family, in a group of friends or is part of a larger group.
Ideal even for those who need to stay over a longer period of time.

Single room: 795 SEK/night
Double room: 995 SEK/night
Tripple room: 1 095 SEK/night
Four beds: 1 295 SEK/night - valid for four adults over 12 years
Family room:  1095 SEK/night - valid for two adults and two children under 12 years

Phone: +46 70 519 99 66
e-mail: receptionen@bodensbb.nu